The FIT Program



Grand Valley State University Fitness, Skill, and Activity (FIT) Courses provide the university student with the skills, content knowledge, and confidence to pursue lifelong physical activity. Each FIT Course has course objectives and assessments that hold students accountable for learning just like any other academic class offered at GVSU. Our FIT Faculty are selected based on their content expertise, certifications, and qualifications in order to provide a high quality learning environment for all students. A FIT Class is one or two credits and offered as credit/no credit. 


The FIT Courses offer instruction for a variety of physical activities to meet a wide range of individual interest. Academic content is taught through a variety of methods and participation in physical activity. Students can develop new skills, try an activity for the first time, or participate in favorite fitness pursuits. Students earn academic credit while they grow in their skills, knowledge, and fitness levels. Our goal is to offer balanced educational choices to the students as they develop their physical literacy to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Why take a FIT Class?

  • Maintain/increase fitness
  • Pursue wellness
  • Learn new skills
  • Stress management
  • Knowledgeable and caring faculty
  • Elective credit
  • Be active
  • Scheduled exercise
  • Connect with other students 


The Movement Science Department strives to make our FIT Courses accessible to all students. If you have questions or would like to receive additional information about accessibility or modifications, please contact the FIT Program Coordinator, Karol Tiemersma, for more information at [email protected] or 331-8890.

Page last modified December 2, 2021