Phrase:  I am a FIT Champion

I am a FIT Champion recognition is presented by the Movement Science Department to students in FIT classes who exemplify leadership and the embodiment of the pursuit of physical literacy (having the “motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life” - International Physical Literacy Association). The goal of physical literacy goes beyond sports and encourages individuals to become involved in physical activities to improve themselves by developing their physical skills, knowledge and understanding, motivation and confidence.

FIT Faculty may nominate any student in a FIT class for leading by example and encouraging others in this multidisciplinary concept of physical literacy.  Award winners will receive a T-shirt with I am a FIT Champion and a frameable certificate of recognition.

A BIG thank you to Melanie Siebert (GVSU Class of 2025 & Movement Science Student Worker), for designing the I am a FIT Champion T-shirts and certificates.

I am a FIT Champion Nominations

FIT Faculty may nominate a student from their FIT classes in both fall and winter semesters. 
Nominations for fall semester are held in November. 
Nominations for winter semester are held in March.

Click to nominate a student as a FIT Champion.

Students in a huddle

Fall 2023

Kayleigh Behnke

Noah Berner

Austin Clise

Dominic Creamer

Andrea Gutierrez

Davion Edwards

Ahjani Ely-Clark

Zachary Ingalls

Charlotte Janczarek

Natalie Johnson

Colleen Lewis

Emily Mann

Lily Mendez

Cynthia Nalima

Justin Sacco

Melanie Siebert

Abigail W.

Olivia White

Vicki Wondergem

group of students pose for picture

student holding t-shirt

Jacob Clifton

Winter 2024

McKenna Chestolowski

Kelly Croghan

Jacob Clifton

Mason Cordell

Abby Hrobsky

Jackson Ingalls

Tucker McLane

Qwaylin Miller

Easton Upton

student holding a certificate

Jackson Ingalls

student smiling with certificate and t-shirt

Abby Hrobsky

Student smiling with certificate

Qwaylin Miller

Student smiling with certificate

Tucker McLane

Professor and student with certificate

Professor Avery with Mason Cordell

student smiling with certificate

McKenna Chestolowski

smiling student with certificate and t-shirt

Easton Upton

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