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Movement Science in the News

Kyle Barnes' Research Featured in Grand Valley Magazine

May 29, 2019

Want to run faster? Try new shoes, Grand Valley researcher says. Story by Nate Hoekstra/Photo by Amanda Pitts

New "SuperMajor" Coming Fall 2020

March 18, 2019

"Department of Movement Science to offer new "supermajor" Fall 2020" by Shiloh Reynolds/Photo Courtesy GVL/Ben Hunt

Movement Science Faculty Serve as Student Success Network Partners

March 11, 2019

SSN pilot year shows successes, organizers say

Ross Sherman's Research Highlighted in Grand Valley Magazine

March 05, 2019

"Cooling the brain's blood flow: Researchers hope to increase activity for MS patients" STORY BY DOTTIE BARNES / PHOTO BY BERNADINE CAREY-TUCKER

Kyle Barnes' Research Highlighted in Lanthorn

October 22, 2018

"GV researchers study shoes, running economy" by Amy McNeel/Photo courtesy Amanda Pitts

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Faculty Spotlights

Ingrid Johnson Receives Pew Teaching Excellence Award 2019

The Pew Teaching Excellence Awards offer GVSU faculty an opportunity to celebrate the work of their peers as teachers who inspire our students across the disciplines. 

Ingrid Johnson Named Mentor of the Year

-Story written by Madison Barnes, student writer

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22 Tenure Track Faculty & 4 Undergraduate Majors
22 Tenure Track Faculty & 4 Undergraduate Majors
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1400+ Students
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Average Class Size 24:1

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