Band Camp Information & Registration

Deadline to Register
August 4

Online GVSU Band Camp Registration Form

  1. Band Camp Registration will open July 15
  2. You can ONLY submit the Band Camp Registration ONE (1) time!
  3. The Band Camp Registration Form must be submitted (paid) by August 4.


Band Camp Costs / Fees / Travel Expenses

All members are REQUIRED to complete all questions/fields on the Band Camp Registration Form.

All members will be charged two fees for a total of $50.00:

  • $40.00 Band Camp Registration/Activity Fee

  • $10.00 End-of-Year Uniform Cleaning Fee

All members are provided:

  • LMB T-Shirt
  • Marching gloves

All NEW members will also be provided:

  • LMB Black Baseball cap
  • Winter Knit Hat
  • Scarf
  • All Wind and Percussion members must provide their own black marching band shoes (Drill Masters, Dinkel's, etc - they must be specifically marching band shoes).
  • All Color Guard members must provide their own shoes as mandated by the Color Guard Instructor.
  • All travel expenses are covered by GVSU Bands and each student will be given a per diem (cash) for meals while traveling.

Check-In / Campus Housing Move-In

All members MUST check in at Band Room before moving into your GVSU Housing assignment!

  • Check In is located in the Band Room (Haas Center for Performing Arts, Room 1515) between 8 a.m.–12 p.m.
  • You should arrive as early as possible to get your housing information/key and allow plenty of time to unload.
  • Any member who has checked out a GVSU-owned instrument (Mellophone, Baritone or Sousaphone) for the summer must bring the instrument to registration to be rechecked out (new contract) for the fall semester.

Check In Date Schedule:

  • Color Guard and Drumline Check In / Move In - Wednesday, August 18
  • New Woodwind/Brass Member Check In / Move In – Thursday, August 19
  • Returner Check In / Move In – Friday, August 20


If are living in campus housing during the school year, arrangements have been made for you to move into your dorm or living center for band camp at no cost to you. Do not call the housing office. The band has informed them of your early move-in date.

Please indicate your housing status on the online Band Camp Registration Form. If you are planning to live off-campus during the academic year, you should contact your individual landlord to make arrangements for early move-in. This is usually not a problem but if a conflict should occur, please contact us and we will assist you in finding accommodations during band camp.


There is no charge for meals during band camp. For your health and well being, everyone is required to attend all meals. 

Meals will be provided with the exceptions:

  • Breakfast & Lunch on Wednesday, August 18
  • Breakfast & Lunch on Thursday, August 19 
  • Breakfast & Lunch on Friday, August 20

Those with a GVSU unlimited meal plan will use their meal cards when we eat at campus dining beginning Monday, August 23.

Instruments / Equipment

The following school-owned marching instruments are available at no charge; however, the student is liable for any damage, or if the instrument is lost/stolen:

  • Baritones
  • Mellophones
  • Sousaphones
  • Color Guard
  • Drumline

If you need to use any school-owned instrument this year, please indicate that on the Band Camp Registration Form. Arrangements can be made to pick up your instrument early by contacting Dr. Martin at or by phone at (616) 328-1500.

Flip Folders and Lyres

  • Lyres - All wind players and percussionists are required to have a lyre for your instrument (Piccolo players will need an arm lyre). GVSU provides lyres for the following university owned instruments: mellophones, baritones, and snare. Sousaphones do not use a lyre.
  • Flip folders - ALL WIND AND PERCUSSION MEMBERS must provide your own flip folder with a minimum of 15 pages. 

Marching Shoes

All shoes (Winds, Percussion, & Color Guard) can be bought at a Music Store or Orefice LTD (1-800-968-2007). If you choose to order from Orefice, they will deliver the shoes to the Haas Center for Performing Arts and will be distributed when they arrive on campus. To order through Orefice, use their separate order form. The deadline to order through Orefice with this special delivery option is August 9.

Items Needed For Band Camp

  • Comfortable, loose fitting clothes
  • Suntan lotion
  • Flip folder
  • Music lyre
  • Tennis shoes with socks
  • Sunglasses
  • Pencil
  • Baseball cap
  • Water Bottle
  • Valve oil, cork grease, etc.
  • Spending Money


Band Camp Schedule

Be sure to review the 2021 Band Camp Schedule prior to the start of band camp. Feel free to refer back to the schedule throughout the summer and camp.

** Band Camp will end at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, August 25

Starting Monday, August 30, we will begin normal marching band rehearsal time M,W,F 4:00 p.m. to 5:50 p.m. and Tuesday 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.