Other Social Justice and Water Topics

We cover a lot of social justice and water topics on our other pages, but there are so many other issues worth discussing and sharing. Below is a collection of webpages and articles, each focused on a different water-related issue that has an impact on the populations around it.

"Waterpreneurs" cash in on government failure to deliver clean water to islanders

In lieu of proper government support getting water to residents of Nigeria and surrounding coastal and island communities, the people have turned to "waterpreneurs" who use boats to bring in tap water brought from private means on the mainland. Some of these waterpreneurs can be exploitative, charging far more than their fellow community members can afford for small quantities of water. But with the Nigerian government seemingly unwilling to address the island’s water crisis, the residents remain at the mercy of both the waterpreneurs and some of the island’s existing, but dirty, wells for tap water.

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Coca-Cola ad

Coca-Cola and Cape Town’s sweetheart Day Zero deal

In Cape Town, South Africa, the local Coca-Cola manufacturer ignored instruction to reduce water consumption due to a drought the area was experiencing. Unlike households, who were punished for exceeding their allotted water usage, Coca-Cola skated by without repercussions.

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los vegas land versus the city

Las Vegas' Conservation Efforts At Odds With American Dream

Las Vegas is hardly known from conservation, in fact the opposite. However, that reckless attitude towards its water resources has led to a reevaluation of the way the city consumes water. The largest contributor to water use is outdoor irrigation, especially in residential areas.

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