Making Waves (Advocacy)

One of Making Waves' main pillars is advocacy, and we are dedicated to finding ways to continue advocating even in uncertain times. Here are some ways you can continue to get involved and make a difference in our world of water.

World Water Day 2020

As an organization, World Water Day is devoted to advocating for the importance of water with regard to climate and environmental issues. This year, they have provided several resources on their website including a number of shareable videos on the topic of water activism and getting involved at an individual level. These short videos are available to download and share across social media platforms.

earth day ecochallenge

Ecochallenge is an opportunity for people to get involved in making a changes to better our environment. From April 1 to April 30, 2020, the organization is promoting an Earth Day Ecochallenge, where people can "select actions to take that align with your individual values" and commit to those habits for the month.

Making Waves is getting involved in the Fresh Water challenges and we encourage everyone to check it out as well.

eco challenge