Gasses Under Pressure

What are the risks of compressed gases?

Gases can be toxic, flammable, corrosive or inert which poses risk of many possible hazards such as fire, asphyxiation, chemical burns or poisoning. These gases are also under high pressure which if handled improperly can be propelled or whipped around causing potential harm.

What do I do when handling compressed gases? Determine if the gas being handled is toxic, flammable, or hazardous in anyway and act accordingly Avoid dropping, dragging or banging the cylinders containing compressed gas Never tamper with pressure release valves Use only in well ventilated areas Never open a cylinder valve unless the regulator is completely closed. Keep sources of ignition away form containers

How do I properly store compressed gases?

  • Make sure all containers are properly labeled before storage
  • Use racks, straps or chains to secure the containers upright
  • Store in a area that will not be heated by sunlight, radiators, machines or anything else that may release heat
  • Never carry or walk cylinders by hand

Page last modified March 2, 2015