October 2015 Training

Trudy Gregorie
Steve Weller
Miriam Goodman

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Speaker Bios and Workshop Summaries

An Overview of Forms, Dynamics, Scope and Challenges of Cases Involving Human Trafficking Victims in State Courts, Presented by Steven Weller and Miriam Goodman

Overview of Human Trafficking: A Local Perspective, Presented by Andy Soper and Nikeidra Battle-DeBarge

Workshop 1: Issues for Courts in Cases Involving Juvenile Human Trafficking Victims Coerced into Criminal Behavior by Traffickers, Presented by Steven Weller and Miriam Goodman

Workshop 2: Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery and Juvenile Prostitution in Michigan, Presented by Carmen Kucinich and D/Sgt. Edward Price

Workshop 3: Law Enforcement and Human Trafficking, Presented by D/Sgt. Edward Price

Workshop 4: The Courts and Human Trafficking, Presented by Trudy Gregorie

Workshop 5: Understanding Victims of Human Trafficking, Presented by Nicole Villanueva

Workshop 6: Juvenile Detention and Human Trafficking: Screening for Human Trafficking/Intake Best Practices, Presented by Miriam Goodman

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Photos by Kelly Ruffing

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