Transferring a Project

New to GVSU?

Would you like to continue a project at GVSU that you began at another institution?

  • Submit a New Protocol Application for review and approval by the Institutional Review Board.
  • Contact the Office of Research Compliance and Integrity with any questions regarding the extent to which you may be engaging GVSU in research once you begin working for the university.

Leaving GVSU?

  1. Notify your Authorizing Official (department head or faculty research advisor)
  2. Ensure departure activities are in compliance with all relevant funding agreements and university policy
  3. Follow relevant instructions below:

Taking your study with you:

  • Submit a Closure Form to the Institutional Review Board via OneAegis

Transferring ownership of your study:

  1. Submit an IRB Amendment Request form to the Institutional Review Board via OneAegis.

Continuing to work with a GVSU colleague on your project:

  1. Submit an IRB Amendment Request form along with an Individual Investigator Agreement Form* (or contact the ORCI for alternative options)
  2. Ensure correct project ownership is listed in the project file 

Page last modified June 12, 2023