Completing Your Study Plan

Each Integrative Studies Major must create an individualized Study Plan. Click on the links below to access this form. This document is to help you organize your coursework. A copy of this form should be kept electronically by each student. A copy of your study plan should also be filed with the IRIS Department Office. The Study Plan is intended to help you with planning your coursework over the course of your major.

In the capstone course (INT 495) you will write an integrative statement that will help you articulate your Area of Focus and why the courses you have chosen are relevant and connected.

If you are interested in learning more about a degree in Integrative Studies or would like assistance completing your study plan, please visit the Brooks College Office of Advising website or call (616) 331-8200 to schedule an appointment. 

Study Plan

The Study Plan Form requires the formulation of an Area of Focus, which can be comprised of courses from across the disciplines at the university. This component of the major allows each student to develop a major area of study based on a specific theme, issue, problem, or career interest and concentrate simultaneously on a general education and a particular academic discipline or career area.

After consulting a major advisor and completing this form, each student should submit a copy to the department and keep an electronic copy for their files to allow for easy editing in the future. 

Save a copy of your study plan!

Study Plan

Download and save the PDF or Word study plan before completing:

Study Plan Form (PDF) (Fill & Save - Does not always work with Mac machines)
Study Plan Form (Word) (Fill & Save)

Please save a copy of your study plan for future reference and editing. The department also needs a copy of your plan (email to [email protected]).

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