Design Elements


Color is a very important element in recall and recognition of the university brand. That is why it is important to match Grand Valley's official colors as closely as possible in print or on the Web.

Grand Valley Colors: Pantone 301C, Black, White

OR: CMYK: 100-45-0-26

OR: RGB: R 0 G 101 B 164

OR: Hexadecimal (Web): #0065a4


Shown to the right are suggested complementary and contrasting typefaces to the logotype for use in publications. These recommended typefaces are most appropriate for our academic audiences.

It generally is preferable to use contrasting typefaces and a maximum of three per publication.




Suggested Fonts


Grand Valley's University Communications manages all official university photography and maintains the university photography archives. Their mission is to document people, places, and events that best represent the vibrant campus community for news and promotional purposes.

When publishing photographs in print or on the Web, it is important to have the recognizable subjects in the photo sign a release form, regardless of whether or not they are a student or employee of Grand Valley.

Photographs of university building projects used by consultants, contractors, suppliers, or vendors for marketing or communications purposes should credit Grand Valley State University as the owner of the building in the photograph.

For information about requesting files or new photography, as well as a photo release form, please visit


Use our convenient templates for

  • PowerPoint presentations;
  • electronic letterheads;
  • email newsletters;
  • print newsletters; and
  • print letterheads and forms.

Stand Out Visually

You can stand out visually by creating your own visual identity that both aligns with the Grand Valley brand and highlights your unique role in the university.

A visual identity collectively uses consistent text, content, images, color, format, texture, and pattern to represent an organization's messages and services. See examples below.

Please contact Institutional Marketing for assistance at (616) 331-2525 or

Visual Identity Example

Visual Identity Example

Visual Identity Example

Visual Identity Example

Visual Identity Example


Grand Valley State University strives to be an inclusive environment. As such, it is GVSU's policy to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Please see Grand Valley's ADA philosophy statement for more information.

To comply with the ADA, documents posted online, including, but not limited to, Adobe PDF files, Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, and online flipbooks, must be screen-reader friendly. Screen-reader software is a form of assistive technology that reads a screen's display aloud to the user. Learn about Making Documents Accessible.


Licensed Vendors

If you are applying any logostype treatments, or verbiage registered for trademark by Grand Valley State University to items that will be commercially printed or resold, your vendor must be licensed through Learfield Licensing Partners

To register, a vendor may apply for a license.

These vendors have already been licensed.

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