Laker for a Lifetime

Laker for a Lifetime is the initiative promoting the idea that students continue to share their Laker Effect long after graduation—continually using their skills, training, and critical and creative thinking to positively impact the world around them in both personal and professional pursuits. The words Laker for a Lifetime may be used as a headline or in body copy in the promotion of activities and events that align with the initiative's principles. In either case, it should be capitalized as Laker for a Lifetime.


The Laker for a Lifetime stylized type treatment has been phased out. Instead of the type treatment, please use the words in type as described above.


Use Laker for a Lifetime to...


  • Create a culture of engagement and philanthropy by making incoming students aware of Grand Valley’s history and mission, core values, how GVSU is funded, and its traditions
  • Help students understand how philanthropy changes lives
  • Encourage student investment of time, talent, and financial resources


  • Create and promote traditions and rituals that honor the student, honor Grand Valley, and encourage affinity and character development
  • Foster Laker pride by building a sense of community within Grand Valley


  • Foster inclination and willingness of students to give their time, talent, and financial resources
  • Educate students about why they should give back and begin to encourage the behavior of giving

Page last modified February 22, 2023