Mobile Apps

For mobile applications and publishing under the identity “GVSU,” “GV,” “Grand Valley State University,” or any trademarked name held by Grand Valley.

Mobile App Buttons

The "Circle G" logomark must appear on the mobile app button.

Mobile App Button Example
Mobile App Icon Example
Mobile App Icon Example

Home Menu Page

The complete Grand Valley logo must be displayed prominently on the home menu page of a mobile app.

Home Menu Page of App Example

Approval to Publish

Anything published under the identity “GVSU,” “GV,” “Grand Valley State University,” or any other trademarked name held by Grand Valley State University in the iTunes Store or Google Play Store (or any other such distribution channel) must be authorized by GVSU’s Information Technology department along with consultation from University Marketing and the School of Computing and Information Systems. No books or magazines will be published under these identities.

Guideline Criteria

  1. Enhances the image of the university

  2. Promotes the university’s mission

  3. Contains content pertaining to Grand Valley State University

  4. Is usable for faculty members, staff members, and/or students of GVSU

  5. Is not revenue-generating or advertising for anyone other than GVSU

  6. Developer(s) must be a current member of GVSU’s faculty, staff, or student body and must maintain the application for as long as they are employed or enrolled at the university. Student developers must be under the supervision of a faculty or staff member.

  7. Properly meets all quality and user interfaces guidelines and conventions for the given application ecosystem.

  8. Properly meets all identity standards.


If and when the developer of a GVSU application leaves the university, a decision will be made by a committee comprised of representatives from Information Technology, University Marketing, and the Applied Computing Institute about whether the application should be removed or maintained.

  1. The app may be removed if it is deemed no longer useful, per the criteria for official GVSU apps.

  2. The application may continue to be maintained, in which case a new developer will be assigned by the department who originally created the application. 

Page last modified May 3, 2023