Pitches must be associated with a category.  If your idea falls into multiple categories, pick the one you think is the most appropriate.



Ideas that involve getting people or things from point A to point B.  Anything involving cars, buses, golf carts, or anything else that moves.



Ideas that involve food or drink on campus.


Housing (Sponsor: University Housing)

Help with housing-related pitches: Kelley Hughes-Howley: [email protected]

Ideas that involve campus living.  Dorms, apartments, and programs that would take place near or in living spaces on campus.



Ideas on how to make GVSU more green and environmentally friendly.


International Programs (Sponsor:  Padnos international Center)

Help with International programs pitches: Alissa Lane ( [email protected])

Ideas that involve international students, or travel to other countries.

Specific problem the sponsor has asked for ideas on:

The university has found it difficult to track down GVSU alumni who happen to live outside the USA, whether they are Americans who live/work abroad or are former international students who may have moved back to their home country or live/work in yet another country. Most international alumni have not kept their contact information current so we have no idea where most of them are or what they’re doing. How can they be tracked down?


Libraries (Sponsor:  University Libraries)

Help with library-related pitches: Kyle Felker ([email protected])

Ideas that improve or involve university Libraries.


Information Technology

Ideas that involve computer technology.


Promotions (Sponsor: University Promotions Office)

Ideas about how to increase awareness of and promote events on campus.


Open Ended

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