Rules and Eligibility


To participate, you must be a currently-enrolled GVSU student taking at least six credit hours.  You can be full or part-time, graduate or undergraduate.





Pitching Rules

Pitches must be appropriate for a professional setting (no swearing, derogatory language etc.)

Pitches must be no more than five minutes in length.

Use of a SlideDeck is mandatory, and you must use the pre-approved SlideDeck format

No copyrighted materials in the SlideDeck unless permission has been granted

You may not pitch on behalf of someone else.  You must pitch your own ideas.

An Individual may pitch up to three distinct ideas. Pitching as part of a group counts towards this limit.

The same idea may not be submitted in multiple categories

If two people pitch an identical idea, they will both be judged objectively; however only one will be a finalist

One idea per pitch.  If you submit multiple ideas, you must choose one to pitch.

Group Pitches

Group pitches are allowed

Groups can have up to five members

Members of groups may also pitch individually or as part of other groups, however, your name may only be on three pitches total.

Visual Aids and Handouts



Visual Aids:

You may use powerpoint slides as a visual aid.  You may not use any other kind of visual aids.

Slides must be in powerpoint format.  No other format will be accepted.

Your deck may have six slides maximum.  You may have fewer slides but no more.

Your first slide must give your name(s) and the title of your pitch.  This counts as one of your six slides. 

All images used and any research presented should be cited in your handout.

Slides may not include audio or video.

See Pitching Help for sources for copyright-free images, as well as tips on how to effectively use slides in your presentation.


You may have a two-page handout.

Wording must be double spaced with 12-point font.

You are responsible for printing and bringing at least two copies of the handout with you to the competition.

The handout must be text-only.  No images.

One page of the handout is reserved for citing any images used in your slides and any research, facts, or figures presented as part of your presentation.  You may not put any other information on this page. 

Use APA format for any citations.





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