Graduate Assistant Q & A

I started working a month ago but haven’t gotten paid yet because my GA contract was late. Will my first pay check include all my back pay?
No. Your semester stipend amount will be divided among the remaining pay days in the semester.

When will I get credited for my parking permit?
The Graduate School sends an updated list of GAs to Student Accounts every Friday. The rep in Student Accounts goes through the entire list and issues a credit to everyone who has applied for a permit since the previous week. If you just applied for a permit this week, your account should be credited on Friday. If it’s been awhile and you still have not received a credit, please email Sheri in The Graduate School at [email protected]. Sheri will follow up with Student Accounts. 

The employee computer and email login that was set up for me does not work. Should I call IT?
First, inform your supervisor so that he/she can contact IT on your behalf.


Is the information in the GA orientation provided to supervisors with regard to their responsibilities?
Yes. GA supervisors are provided with information on their role and responsibilities.


This is my second year as a GA and my supervisor has never evaluated me. What should I do?
Ask your supervisor to evaluate you. Let him/her know that an evaluation should be part of your GA assignment.


I’m not comfortable approaching my supervisor with my complaint about my assignment or his/her supervisory skills. Can you help me?
Yes. Contact The Graduate School to discuss your concerns.


My supervisor directs me to perform menial tasks or perform personal errands for him/her on a regular basis. I don’t feel comfortable complaining. How shall I handle this?
Almost everyone will need to perform a menial task once in awhile, such as helping to make copies in a pinch, but if you are asked to do such things regularly, this needs to be addressed. If you are not comfortable discussing it with your supervisor, please contact The Graduate School to discuss your concerns.

The Graduate School is located at 318C DeVos Center in the downtown Pew Campus. To make an appointment to speak with the Associate Vice-Provost for The Graduate School about issues pertaining to your GA assignment, please call the department line at 331-7105, or you may call Sheri DeVries directly at 331-7123. You may email Sheri at [email protected].

Page last modified December 21, 2022