West Side Christian School

West Side Christian School 2022-2023

Project Description:
Third-grade students compared the biodiversity of Blandford’s meadow and the mowed area and recognized the need to increase the biodiversity and reduce use of fossil fuels. They also pioneered the first-ever school field trip to the Plaster Creek Stewards greenhouse to investigate the connection between native plants and water quality. With the help of Rebecca Marquardt, the students had active involvement as they added the native plants to the landscape near the water catch basin.

Fostering Lifelong Stewardship:
Students applied their science knowledge to understand and make a needed change in their local environment. Students used their written communication skills to advocate for positive change in their community. Students collaborated with others while learning 21st century educational skills and behaviors needed to successfully complete real world project. The students applied their non-fiction reading skills to investigate their meadow project and created educational posters to illustrate their understanding.

Revery Studio (Rebecca Marquardt), Plaster Creek Stewards, Blandford Nature Center.



GVSU College of Education

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