Wellspring Preparatory High School

Wellspring Preparatory High School 18-19

Project Description:
AP Environmental Science students gathered pH, DO, nitrates, turbidity, macroinvertebrates, and coliform bacteria count data in the Fall and Spring at several locations along the Grand River as well as in the Coldbrook Creek watershed. We sampled at specific locations of interest, such as the outflow location of the city wastewater recovery facility, riverside parks, and business districts. Data will continue to be gathered and uploaded to the LGROW repository each year.

Fostering Lifelong Stewardship:
Students have become more responsible stewards during the course of the year. On field trips to nearby locations in the city and the lakeshore, they were very intentional about leaving no trace and valuing natural spaces. Most notably were the attitudes of a few students who hunt and fish - they noted during the last few days that they appreciated learning about responsible use of natural resources and the importance of sustainable practices.

Lower Grand River Organization of Watersheds, Coldbrook Creek Watershed Group



GVSU College of Education

Showcase Video:

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