Social & Economic Impacts

Social & Economic History of the Grand River


This unit examines the social and economic role that the Grand River has played in the Grand Rapids Community. It begins with the Paleo-Indians and goes through today. Students will look at primary source readings, artifacts, and summaries of the different time periods. They will examine the role of the river in society and the impacts of humans on the river. Specifically they will examine how the change in population and uses of the river impacts river quality.

Essential Questions:

  • How do human actions impact the Grand River?

  • What role does population size play in the impact of human actions on the Grand River?

  • How has society's view of the Grand River changed over time?

  • What might we do to mitigate the impacts of human activity?

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These videos and lessons plans were created in partnership with WGVU, the Lower Grand River Organization of Watersheds, and Brenda Perry from Kent Innovation High. They were made possible through a grant from the Wege Foundation through the Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative.

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