Pet Waste Station

Would a pet waste station benefit your community?

What is it?

Pet waste stations often include a pet waste bag dispenser, trash bin, and sign. They are designed to make it easier for pet owners to pick up after their pet. The sign also could include a brief explanation of the harmful impacts of pet waste on water quality to provide additional education. Providing pet waste bags and a trash bin will help encourage people to use the waste station. However, incorporating the bin adds to the total cost per station.

How much would it cost?

  • $85 - $250 each

What long-term maintenance is required?

  • Emptying the trash bin

  • Refilling the bags

  • Fixing the station with replacement parts, as needed

Who are some potential partners?

  • Property owner for permission to install waste station

  • Property owner to perform maintenance

  • Local government agencies (if your community has a pet waste ordinance)

How could I determine if the project is successful?

  • Calculate the volume of pet waste removed based on how often the bin needs to be emptied

  • Count the number of waste bags used

Where can I find more information?

  • A variety of pet waste products are available, and you can learn more about selecting a pet waste station that is appropriate for your community.

  • Coordinate with your local city or county office before installing pet waste stations on any public land.

  • The stations themselves can be purchased through online retailers if a local source is not available.


Page last modified May 7, 2024