Peach Plains Elementary

Peach Plains Elementary 2020-2021

Project Description:

Students will observe a local body of water at Potawatomi Park. After investigation and working with field experts, students will identify areas of improvement related to but not limited to water quality, runoff, pollution, trash, invasive species, and other areas that have a negative impact on our watershed and environment. Students will design a project to educate the community about the area of concern and offer solutions.

Fostering Lifelong Stewardship:

Students have realized that there are things they can positively affect in their community just within walking distance from their school. The students have also embraced the opportunity to spend time outdoors and to slow their pace down and observe the ecosystem that is around them. I believe we also are creating future career paths for students who are realizing how much joy can be had by a career outdoors and taking samples to help positively impact changes that will improve the environment. Future world changing scientists are being created!


Lower Grand River Organization Watersheds, Ottawa Conservation District, City of Grand Haven


Annie Ratke, 4th Grade Science; Missy Mayer, 4th Grade Science; Aaron Klanderman, 4th Grade Science




Baldwin Foundation

Showcase Video:

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