Northern Trails 5/6

Northern Trails 2021-2022

Project Description:
Students brainstormed ideas about what they could do to improve a retention pond near the Kent Conservation District's offices. They agreed that they would plant native plants along the shore of the pond on the north side. The goal was for the pond to not be moved to the edge, which will allow the native plants to establish themselves and help improve water quality. Students also did water testing in same area to collect before and after the project. Geese were counted early in spring as well as goose droppings. Data was collected and averages found. This data will again be compared to data collected in 3 years. Students also were also able to experience working on the Jackson- the GVSU research vessel. After all of these experiences students on one of the teams passed information along, in the form of brochures/fliers, to others in the community so that what they learned can help educate and inform others. Through all of these experiences, students can feel like they have contributed to being good stewards of the earth.

Fostering Lifelong Stewardship:
Students are aware of and can educate others about NPS pollution.

Kent Conservation District, Ada Township Parks, GVMC/LGROW



U.S. Environmental Protection Agency through the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

Showcase Video:

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