Mulick Park Elementary

Mulick Park 16-17

Project Description:
The school grounds have a lot of impervious surfaces, contributing to substantial stormwater runoff and erosion issues. In addition, the building has gutters that consistently overflow and have caused substantial erosion along the foundation and wall that defines a basketball court. The runoff erodes sediment and carries it across a walkway and plugs a storm drain, which then presents a tripping hazard near the playground. We plan to address the multiple issues on the school grounds in phases. The first phase was to install a native plant garden as a buffer strip to capture runoff flowing off a lawn before it enters the parking lot. This was the focus of the project for the 2016-2017 school year. In subsequent years, we will work to capture runoff from the parking lot itself, work with GRPS maintenance staff to address the plugged gutters, and revegetate the bare soil from erosion caused by the plugged gutters.

Fostering Lifelong Stewardship:
Students took ownership of improving erosion and non-point source pollution in their community. Students know how to care for new plants.




U.S. Environmental Protection Agency through the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

Showcase Video:

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