Dinner & Dialogue Winter Celebration: Telling our Watershed Stories through Media

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Tuesday, January 31, 2023 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM


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GVSU’s L. William Seidman Center Forum

50 Front Ave SW

Grand Rapids, MI 49504

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Join us for Groundswell's Winter Celebration Dinner & Dialogue! A watershed story is cyclical: beginning with the transference of water from the atmosphere to Earth’s surface, moving across land, down through streams and rivers, flowing into storm drains, soaking into the ground and roots of plants, and finally rising back into the atmosphere again. Water takes an incredible journey through many diverse landscapes both man-made and natural. As educators, we want to know the best ways to communicate about the issues in our watersheds. Learning effective ways to communicate on a variety of media types can help your audience really hear your (and your students') messages. The evening will host Storm Team 8 Chief Meteorologist, Ellen Bacca, who will share her own tips on communicating to different audiences about "sciency" things like weather, climate, and the hydrologic cycle. Dinner and drinks are provided, free of charge. Please register by Friday, Jan 20th.

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Questions? Contact Groundswell Manager Jessica Vander Ark at [email protected]

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