Kent City Community Middle & High School

Kent City Community Middle & High School Showcase video 2023

Project Description: 

Students observed and recorded plants and some animal vertebrates and invertebrates in the prairie and forest on Kent City property. They then studied animals that are native to the area and looked for evidence of those animals. They found evidence of deer and raccoon, plus several invertebrates. While students were surprised that there was a variety of grasses, they soon realized we were missing a variety of plants. They then went through and looked at the options available to them and decided on coneflowers and black-eyed susans in the spring planting to help increase butterfly populations. Students then studied conservation efforts of John Ball Zoo and visited the zoo to see what they do for conservation and how they get their messaging across. Students decided on the flowers to try and help the Poweshiek skipperling, and knowing that adding more varieties in our ecosystem that we can help in the future.

Fostering Lifelong Stewardship:

They are already showing a change in stewardship. Small things such as picking up the classroom, after school events and aware of what they’re eating and throwing away. They’ve made the connection that they too are connected to the environment, even if they are not always in it.


 Grow Wise Learning LLC, Lower Grand River Organization of Watersheds, John Ball Zoo


Tara Lafferty, 7th & 8th Grade, Science; Justin Harding, 6th & 7th Grade, Science




The Baldwin Foundation

Showcase Video:

Kent city students at display table

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