Innocademy 2021-2022

Project Description:

This year, Innocademy saw two projects in different areas of campus. 

Mr. Essenburg's students studied the pollution levels of the Macatawa Watershed by collecting macroinvertebrates.  By counting the number of individuals of different types of macroinvertebrates, students ranked the water quality of lakes and rivers.  This helps the students identify sources of pollution and propose possible solutions.

Mr Zuber's class focused on a campus garden. In this project students across several grades reimagined our overrun garden boxes that were originally meant for a vegetable garden as new opportunities to promote pollinators.  Also we would work with our partner organizations to design and create 5 themed beds for further research into larva hosts.


Greenway Manager/Project Clarity, Macatawa Area Coordinating Council, MiSTEM Network's Greater West Michigan Region

Native Edge, Designs by Nature, Hidden Savannah


Alvin Essenburg, 6th Grade Science; Jenna Crook, 6th Grade English; Chad Zuber, 3rd Grade General Education; Cyndi Nykamp, 2nd Grade General Education; Karly Van Koevering, 1st Grade General Education




Bladwin Foundation, the Wege Foundation

Showcase Video:

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