Grand Rapids Montessori

GR Montessori 2022-2023

Project Description:
Stewardship and service learning are integral parts of a Montessori education. Four teachers at this Montessori school in the heart of Grand Rapids provided opportunities for fourth, fifth, and sixth graders to learn about the natural world surrounding their school by testing water quality in local streams and Lake Michigan; installing a native vegetation buffer strip between existing raised garden beds and the sidewalk; and stenciling stormwater drains on their campus. To engage the community, students partnered with a local dancer and choreographer and musicians to create an interpretative dance representing nonpoint source pollution and stormwater.

Fostering Lifelong Stewardship:
Students learned that they can contribute to a healthier world by focusing on nonpoint source pollution concerns around the school campus and local watershed.

LGROW, Green Fellow GRPS, MDEQ, WMEAC, Dance in the Annex, Joshua Dunigan



U.S. Environmental Protection Agency through the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

Showcase Video:

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