Grand Rapids Christian Middle School

GR Christian Middle 2022-2023

Project Description: 

We worked with Plaster Creek Stewards to plant native plants on our school grounds in new and existing bioswales and rain gardens to provide better green infrastructure. We discussed the water cycle and its impact on our place here at GRCMS, students were assessed also on how the “runoff” stage can be positively or negatively impacted by greenscaping. In addition we asked students to identify various plant species around our campus

Students also improved in their ability to explain the benefits of native species, explain positive outcomes of greenscaping within our place-based learning, and their ability to identify several beneficial (native) and detractor (invasive) plant species.

Fostering Lifelong Stewardship:

We expect that our students will have a better knowledge and understanding of native plants and their place in our watershed and ecosystem.  Through hands-on experience, we hope they have a greater enthusiasm for stewardship, and continue making a difference outside of these experiences.


Plaster Creek Stewards


Chad Drenth, 6th Grade, Math & Science; Derek Katerberg, 6th Grade, Math & Science




The Wege Foundation

Showcase Video:

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