Grand Rapids Christian Elementary School, Evergreen Campus (K-5)

students planting trees in ground

Project Description: 

CREW (Communities of Reflection, Engagement, and Wonder) is a weekly time on the Evergreen Campus during which K-5 students work in small groups across our campus. This spring, we will launch a service learning season of CREW in which CREWs will partner together on a common focus. Two of the CREWs will focus on Creation Care over the course of the season. The culminating project of the CREWs will be partnering with Friends of GR Parks and planting trees on our new preschool playground. In the weeks leading up to the planting, the CREWs will learn about why Creation Care is an act of service, how the planting of trees makes a difference in an area, and what is needed to sustain the life of newly planted trees.

Fostering Lifelong Stewardship:

Our hope is that students would create an ability to recognize the potential of a space, looking for areas to add environmental heroes like trees and native perennials.


Friends of Grand Rapids Parks


Emily Kouri, Community Time/Small Group, Science focus, K-5th; Katie Faber, Community Time/Small Group, Science focus, K-5th




The Baldwin Foundation

Showcase Video: (Found on YouTube page)

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