Godwin Middle School

Godwin Heights MS 2022-2023

Project Description:
Students learned about nonpoint source water pollution, then observed land usage on the school grounds to determine the impact of the school building on the health of the stream. Students recommended the removal of an area of blacktop in the school parking area, under a downspout from the school roof, and created a green space (about 15’ by 25’) in its place. They installed submerged garden beds in the existing soil. Students researched the types of plants that would grow best in an area that is “recovering” from being paved. A soil sample was sent to a lab to determine what types of substances were in the gravel. They also researched the potential for using plants to remove any potential contaminants from the material that was below the asphalt. After conducting more research on the best way to water the green space, students installed a rain barrel.

Fostering Lifelong Stewardship:
Through the practice of citizen science, students are more aware of how humans can positively or negatively impact their watersheds.

Plaster Creek Stewards, City of Wyoming



GVSU College of Education

Showcase Video:

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