Godfrey-Lee Early Childhood Center

Godfrey-Lee ECC 17-18

Project Description:
First-graders were introduced to the concept of reducing, reusing, and recycling through a classroom lesson and a field trip to the Kent County Recycling Education Center. During music class, the teacher read the book Max Found Two Sticks by Brian Pinkney and showed the first-grade students YouTube videos of musical instruments made of recycled items. First-grade students were then introduced to the outdoor music wall project, and a note was sent home, asking families to donate sound-producing objects (i.e. old baking pans, metal pipes, plastic buckets, scrap wood, etc.). These items were gathered and presented to the first-grade students during another music class, and students were asked to vote on their top ten objects. The objects receiving the most votes were installed on installed on the music wall, which was designed with student input. First-grade students interacted with young five, kindergarten, and second grade students to explain the design process of the wall and how items were reused, instead of throwing them away and adding to the landfill.

Fostering Lifelong Stewardship:
Students will think about how items could be reused instead of always throwing items away if they are not needed. They also are now more aware of what can be recycled and why it is important to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Kent County Department of Public Works, WMEAC, Jennifer K. Smith, CPSI, LEED AP



Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative

Showcase Video:

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