Eastern Middle School

Eastern MS 18-19

Project Description:
Students worked on spotted knapweed removal from an existing courtyard on campus and created beds that they filled with new native plants and mulch. This community centerpiece features interactive learning cards to aid viewers about our current and historic interaction with native plants and the environment. In May, all 200 students visited Ada Park to pick garlic mustard (an invasive species). Students then made several dishes that incorporated garlic mustard, including hummus, salsa, salad and pesto.

Eighth-grade students studied water quality through chemical testing and macroinvertebrate data on the Eastern campus in September, and discovered the connections within the Grand River watershed. Their fall water study culminated in a canoe voyage on the Rogue River. In the spring,eighth-graders again tested water on Eastern’s campus and compared their data to the fall results.

Fostering Lifelong Stewardship:
Students understand their place in the Grand River watershed and the role native and invasive species play in it.

Ada Township Parks, WMEAC, Aquarium Services, LGROW, River City Wild Ones



National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Showcase Video:

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