Dickinson Elementary

Dickinson 16-17

Project Description:
After learning about runoff pollution and storm water management, students explored possible solutions to storm drain pollution and took part in school and neighborhood stewardship and public awareness projects. The project began with the students watching a video of a storm drain surging. A discussion followed about some possible causes and why storm drains are important before heading outdoors to identify the drains located in front of their school. They partnered with classmates and “adopted” drains so they could be responsible for keeping them clean and clear of debris while they documented, analyzed, tallied, and graphed the types of pollution discovered around their storm drains. They used field journals they made from recycled materials for their documentations and reflections that were used for science, social studies, math, and English language arts lessons.

Fostering Lifelong Stewardship:
Students no longer take having clean and safe water for granted for drinking and other daily needs and recreational purposes. Students have shown some initiative in helping to keep their school and neighborhood storm drains free of debris, as well as informing others about some best practices that will help keep our Lower Grand River Watershed healthy.

WMEAC, Grand Valley Metro Council, Grand Rapids Public Museum



Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative

Showcase Video:

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