Coit Creative Arts Academy

Coit Creative Arts Academy 2020-2021 video

Project Description: 

This year we had a lot of challenges in regards to our Groundswell project due to the pandemic, but we did a lot of learning about pollinators and native plants to prepare us for work in our garden. We took a virtual field trip to Kids Food Basket and learned about why pollinators are important, plant needs, honey bees, and tasted honey from local honeycombs

I ordered seeds and a root viewer so we could plant seeds and observe what happens as plants grow. We did a lot of observing and recording our findings. We incorporated weather and plant needs into this part of our unit/project. We continued composting in our classroom to make soil for our garden. The kids got to bring compost from home, observe the compost bin, and find worms to add to it. 

As part of this project, students developed their knowledge of Michigan pollinators by reading different informational books with myself and other teachers virtually. Students were able to study weather patterns to help maintain the garden. The art teacher implemented a rock art project with the kids. They created beautiful painted rocks to use for a path in our pollinator garden.

Lastly, flowers have been ordered and I am hoping the students can plant their flowers in the garden before the end of the year!

Fostering Lifelong Stewardship: 
I hope this project will encourage my children to take care of the environment, animals, native plants, and their habitats. I hope they develop a love of taking care of the planet, especially their own community.

Partners: Kids Food Basket, Wormies

Teachers: Lisa Reyers, Kindergarten All Subjects

Students: 23

Funder: Baldwin Foundation

Showcase Video:

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