Clogged Storm Drains

Storm drain clogged with trash and debris

You identified clogged storm drains as an environmental problem in your community.

Why is this a problem?

Cities and other developed areas have catch basins to prevent flooding. Before these areas were developed, there were trees, grasses, and other plants to help rainwater soak into the soil. This vegetation was removed when people built homes, businesses, and roads. Rainwater can’t soak through these “impervious” surfaces (roofs, pavement, etc.). If the rainwater has nowhere to go, it will cause flooding.

Catch basins are designed to move stormwater away from developed areas as quickly as possible. The water can’t flow into the basin if leaves, trash, or other debris is blocking the opening. When it rains, the area around the basin will flood.

There are thousands of catch basins spread throughout most cities. The city does not have enough people on staff (or the resources) to constantly check each basin and make sure it is clear. Therefore, it needs residents to help keep the basins clear around where they live.



What Actions Can You Take?

Page last modified October 17, 2019