City High/Middle

City High/Middle 2021-2022

Project Description:
Students called all necessary officials and then created signage to educate the public about water quality issues in an attempt to lessen the pollution of the Grand River. In addition, students learned about buffer zones and common runoff pollutants around the Grand River. Students collected and identified soil types and other vegetation in the flood plain in order to identify appropriate plants for improving water quality. Native grasses will be planted in the area to act as filters/impediments to deter the flow of run off to the river way.

Students also worked to make graduation more green. They used recycled graduation gowns, educated the community, looked for carbon neutral graduation announcements, invitations and diplomas, and chose products for a more sustainable graduation celebration. Students calculated the carbon footprint of graduation and offset that by planting trees in Grand Rapids area parks.

Fostering Lifelong Stewardship:
Students know how to engage local government to accomplish environmental goals.

City of Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation, Wildtype Plants, Greener Grads



National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Showcase Video:

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