Catholic Central High School

Catholic Central HS 18-19

Project Description:
A “Do It Yourself” hydroponics system was created to grow vegetables to assist the Heartside community. Students designed and built the system. Students also started all of the plants from seed and explored many different options for monitoring the health of the plants. The goal was to create a successful system that produced vegetables in a large enough quantity to be donated to charities around the school, adding to their free meals for the homeless. Students built a fully operational constant-flow system that can handle up to 26 plants. The system was set up to grow one type of vegetable at a time, but is able to be modified to handle up to four different types of plants.

Fostering Lifelong Stewardship:
Many Catholic Central students come from fairly privileged backgrounds. This project opened their eyes to the plight of community members they might otherwise overlook. This project also helped them realize what it takes to make fresh produce available in areas where it isn’t easily grown. Students learned that they can leverage their skills to affect change. Several students actually expressed interest in building their own systems at home so that they could grow their own food. This project also aligns with the inherent Catholic Social Teachings that are vital to the school community.

Disher, God's Kitchen, and Kent Career Technical Center



GVSU College of Education

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