Breton Downs Elementary

Breton Downs Elementary 17-18

Project Description:
Five areas on the Breton Downs Elementary playground were experiencing extensive erosion. Students investigated and built their knowledge of runoff, point and nonpoint pollution sources, and the local watershed. We used Google maps to create a site assessment of the school's footprint. Students then designed a project to help reduce the erosion, as well as help restore the ground around the trees where erosion had exposed their roots. After the completion of this project, the students presented their findings to the community.

Fostering Lifelong Stewardship:
Students were encouraged to take ownership of their learning, which will serve them well as they step up as leaders to address problems within their community.

MDEQ, Revery Studio, EGRPS grounds, East Grand Rapids Parks



GVSU College of Education

Showcase Video:

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