Continuing Education

GVSU's Clinical Dietetics program now offers Continuing Education for Registered Dietitian Nutritionists!


The Graduate School Online Application (indicate on the third page that you are applying for non-degree seeking status) or the Non-degree Graduate Paper Application must be submitted prior to the start of the semester.

There is NO FEE to apply as a non-degree seeking student.

Learn more about GVSU's Graduate School or about applying as a Non-degree Seeking Student

Continuing Education Courses

Currently, the following courses are offered for Continuing Education (1 credit hour = 15 continuing education credits)

These courses are offered in a hybrid format. View the GVSU Course Schedule to see when they will be offered.


Grand Valley's tuition rates are not based on residency, but rather on the program. Note that the Non-Degree Graduate rate is listed separately from the graduate program rates. 

Visit the Financial Aid Office webpage for tuition and fees to learn more.

Please note: non-degree seeking students are not eligible for financial aid.

FAQ's about Continuing Education in Clinical Dietetics

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Do I need to submit all of the materials required to apply to the graduate degree program in order to enroll in a continuing education course?

ANSWER: No. GVSU offers a Non-degree application option for students not planning to pursue the full graduate degree. Students must hold a bachelor's degree, but letters of reference are not required in order to apply for graduate non-degree status. Apply by submitting a graduate online application for admission (indicate on the third page that you are applying for non-degree seeking status) or fill out and mail the non-degree graduate paper application.


I already have a master's degree. Can I still take a course for continuing education credit?

ANSWER: Yes. You will still, however, need to complete the non-degree application. Apply by submitting a graduate online application for admission (indicate on the third page that you are applying for non-degree seeking status) or fill out and mail the non-degree graduate paper application.


If I take continuing education courses as a non-degree seeking student and then decide to apply to the MS in Clinical Dietetics program, can I apply those credits toward my degree?

ANSWER: Yes. GVSU allows a maximum of 6-12 credits taken as a non-degree seeking students to be applied to the GVSU graduate degree program. Please consult with a Clinical Dietetics faculty advisor for more specific information on using continuing education credits toward a MS in Clinical Dietetics degree.


The course I am interested in lists "acceptance in the Clinical Dietetics program" as a prerequisite. Can I register for the course? 

ANSWER: Yes. Upon acceptance as a non-degree seeking student, you will need to submit an override request through myBanner to enroll in the course. Use these tools to help you: How to Request an Override and Watch a how-to video on requesting an override. After the request has been submitted, the instructor will enter the electronic override into the Banner system, and then you will be able to register. The issuance of an electronic override does not automatically register you in the course.


Do I qualify for financial aid as a non-degree seeking student?

ANSWER: No. Non-degree seeking students do not qualify for financial aid.