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96% of students need some form of financial aid. At Grand Valley, we are committed to meeting all learners at every stage of their education and empowering them in their pursuits, professions, and purpose. One of the best ways we can do this is by supporting students through donor-funded scholarships. 

Ways to Help

Give to the GVSU Access Fund

The GVSU Access Fund is Grand Valley's greatest need scholarship fund. It provides needed financial assistance, helping students to either start their educational journey at GVSU or stay on track through graduation.

GVSU Access Fund

Find a scholarship that supports one of your interests

This could be in areas of health sciences, mathematics, engineering, arts, music... Many colleges and departments on campus have scholarships that support their program and its students.

Find Funds

Support Need-Based Scholarships

There are two categories of Need-Based Scholarships to help students bridge the gap between the cost of their education and their economic interests.

Pathway Scholarships fill the gap between savings and financial aid for moderate-income students. These students do not qualify for federal grants and are unable to fully finance their college education. Nearly 30% of Grand Valley students and their families qualify for Pathway Scholarships. Without donor-funded scholarships, these students often borrow more, graduate with greater debt, and work more hours while attending school than their classmates. They are the students who most often drop out of college due to financial reasons. 

Scholarships that supplement federal grants go to students with the greatest overall financial need.

Create a Scholarship

At Grand Valley, there are two types of Scholarships that can be initiated by donors.

Annual Scholarships

A fund that is created from a gift each year, ensuing annual support for students. The funds are used in full to help current students. 

Endowed Scholarships

An endowment gift to GVSU ensures students will benefit from a donor's generosity for generations to come. Endowed scholarships are re-invested and a portion of the income is used to help students every year. 


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