GVFaces: Edgar L. Page

January 10, 2023 (Volume 46, Number 9)
Article by Clemence Daniere

Edgar Page is seated on a chair, leaning to the left, he is wearing a black hat and glasses, with a black outfit.

Edgar L. Page joined the dance faculty in August.

Photo Credit: courtesy photo

Edgar L. Page joined the dance faculty last fall as an assistant professor, bringing an Africanist perspective that focuses on the community and how dancers can holistically find themselves in the dance world. 

Ever since he was 12, beginning this journey in the Detroit public school system, Page has been immersed in the art of dance. He attended Western Michigan University and, after graduation, moved to Ohio to join the Dayton Contemporary Dance Second Company, followed shortly by another move to Colorado for the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble. 

“As a member of the ensemble, I traveled all over the world, I worked with the most elite and who’s who in the dance industry,” Page said. “Having original works staged by me but also relearning and remounting historical works from dance pioneers was just an amazing experience.” 

Ten years later, Page started his own company to repair work in areas where he saw deficits in the dance community. “Edgar L. Page: Feel the Movement” brought in dancers who were non-archetypal and thus denied access to opportunities and gave them a chance to reignite their passion for dance. 

Inspired, Page said he researched the ways dance can influence and heal individuals and communities. By doing that, he said, he ensured his company created spaces that are welcoming and foster creativity and exploration. 

Along with being a dancer, Page is a choreographer, lecturer and director. “I am still sowing my seeds of knowledge in this community. I am still getting to know different entities and individuals and impacting the community,” said Page.

He collaborated with the Grand Rapids Ballet on a summer festival highlighting Grand Valley and local dancers.

Page wants to create a space at GVSU with his colleagues that is groundbreaking and where students will learn and lead with a clear idea of themselves. 

“I want them to understand that you get to be a human first,” he said. “I often find myself challenging them to just rethink some of the indoctrination that they get about releasing their humanity to someone else, just because that’s what we say you do as a dancer.”



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