GVFaces: Christine Plummer

June 11, 2024 (Volume 47, Number 19)
Article by Samantha Drougel

Christine Plummer in maroon shirt leaning against wall in room with table and chairs on left

Christine Plummer, affiliate professor of nursing, also serves as the director of City on a Hill Health Clinic in Zeeland.

Photo Credit: Amanda Pitts

Christine Plummer, affiliate professor of nursing, has received three awards for her service to the community. 

Plummer is the director of City on a Hill Health Clinic in Zeeland, where she works to break down barriers that get in the way of a person's health. For her efforts, Plummer received the City of Holland 2023 Social Justice Award, Retaining Top Leaders Award from the Community Foundation of the Holland Zeeland Area, and the FOX 17 Pay it Forward Spotlight Award. 

“For me, it is a calling,” said Plummer. “It’s my life's work and I do it because I feel like I am making a difference.”

The City on a Hill Health Clinic serves people in Ottawa and Allegan counties who do not have health insurance or the resources to take care of their health. Staff provide both mental and physical health services in hopes of keeping people out of the emergency room.

“We try to provide all of the care in one place so people don’t have to piece together their health care,” said Plummer.

The clinic is community run. Plummer said most of the clinic's funding comes from Ottawa County residents.

“We are blessed to live in Ottawa County because traditionally and historically, Ottawa County is really big on volunteerism and philanthropy,” said Plummer. 

Plummer said staff work at community events to build trust with their patients. These events have increased their Latino patient population by 20%, she said.

“We promote it by showing up, being there, and following through with what we say we are going to do, every time,” she said.

Plummer likes to take her unique experiences to the classroom. The City on a Hill Clinic is an internship site for Grand Valley. Students from all health-related majors can get involved. 



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