GVFaces: Andrew Plague

March 26, 2024 (Volume 47, Number 15)
Article by Samantha Drougel

Andrew Plague outside the White Houe

Andrew Plague, '16, associate staff secretary, White House

A former Student Senate president has taken his Grand Valley experience to the White House. Andrew Plague, who earned a bachelor's degree in political science in 2016, serves as an associate staff secretary at the White House. 

After graduating, Plague worked for Grand Valley's Division of Inclusion and Equity before studying at the University of Michigan Law School, where he earned a juris doctor degree in 2020. Last December, he joined the Biden administration after working at a Chicago law firm, focusing on government strategy, congressional investigations and regulatory policy. 

As an associate staff secretary, Plague said he is a part of a small team. He works in the west wing to help manage the flow of the information to President Biden. His team works to edit, synthesize and compile all briefing materials before they go to Biden’s desk.

His said his time at GVSU, including his experience in Student Senate, helped him discover his passion for public service, develop professional skills and make lifelong friends. He said during his first year of college he was not completely sure of a career goal.

“When you are an undergrad, it is very overwhelming to think about the whole trajectory of your career,” Plague said. “I always try to think about what is the right next step.”

He said focusing on just taking the right next step and seeing what opportunities present themselves takes the pressure off career and educational decisions. “It is far less daunting than trying to map out all the steps to arrive at some sort of ‘dream job,'” he said.

Plague also said that he chose his major simply based on what classes sounded most interesting to him. He stressed that students should make choices based on what they find personally fulfilling and exciting.

Plague said, “I think if you are doing something you are interested in, it is going to work out.”




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