GVFaces: Dwayne Tunstall

June 14, 2022 (Volume 45, Number 18)
Article by Peg West

portrait of Dwayne Tunstall, seated in grey suit jacket with white shirt and no tie

Dwayne Tunstall, associate dean for inclusive excellence for CLAS

Photo Credit: Amanda Pitts

Dwayne Tunstall has started as the inaugural associate dean for inclusive excellence in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, where he will lead initiatives related to diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility and belonging (DEI-AB).

In this role, Tunstall will work within CLAS as well as with partners across the university on DEI-AB efforts. A key overarching goal is to help create a more inclusive and welcoming climate in CLAS and across campus, Tunstall said.

"I want to hold this position because I care about creating a more inclusive, equitable, accessible and welcoming environment for faculty, staff and students at Grand Valley," Tunstall said. "I want to work with others to create a campus climate where people can honestly say, 'I belong at Grand Valley.'"

Tunstall said he will work closely with CLAS partners to help create that climate while also keeping DEI-AB imperatives in mind while working on curriculum, academic grievances and teaching and advising initiatives.

Some short-term goals include establishing a committee of faculty, staff and students to support DEI-AB initiatives in CLAS; recognize, support and build on existing DEI-AB efforts in CLAS; and designing workshops for faculty and staff that address DEI-AB matters, Tunstall said. He also hopes in the longer term that DEI-AB work by faculty and staff will be more formally recognized and acknowledged.

Tunstall has a deep background working on issues of diversity, equity, inclusion and access at GVSU. His efforts include working as a faculty mentor with a program to help retain students in academic jeopardy and serving as a faculty instructor for the Oliver Wilson Scholars Program. He also volunteered on a sub-team for the Network of Advisors for Racial Equity.

He also noted he has researched DEIA issues, leading to invitations to speak and conduct training off campus as well as to participate in work on the CLAS strategic plan.



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