Modernization of administrative software for faculty and staff

March 8, 2022 (Volume 45, Number 13)
Article by Anna Young

portrait of Milos Topic standing outside Zumberge Hall

Miloš Topic, vice president and chief digital officer, expressed appreciation for the feedback received during the administrative technology evaluation process.

Photo Credit: Kendra Stanley-Mills

In order to improve community experience with administrative technologies, Grand Valley has selected Workday Inc. as the new provider of enterprise applications for payroll, finance and human resources. 

Starting next summer, Grand Valley will transition to Workday. Until that time, Banner will continue to operate as-is for these systems. 

"We appreciate the contributions and feedback we received across the campus community throughout the evaluation process, and we look forward to continued support," said Miloš Topic, vice president and chief digital officer. "Transitioning our administrative functions and reducing several standalone applications will be a great step towards modernizing our services." 

At this time, Banner will remain as the platform for the student information system, which includes registration, records and financial aid.

An extensive evaluation of Banner began nearly two years ago. After a thorough review by GVSU IT and the campus community, Topicsaid the decision was made to transition to Workday.

Background on the review process and related information can be reviewed online at ERP Review. The website will also provide updates of the project deployment and timeline.


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