Equity & Inclusion Committee

The role of the Equity and Inclusion Committee is to promote and facilitate faculty involvement in support of a healthy and equitable campus climate.  The committee accomplishes its role by engaging in social justice and diversity issues on campus, including but not limited to:

a)  Advising UAS on policies and practices to recruit, support and retain a diverse faculty, staff, and student body (e.g., reviewing the Affirmative Action Plan on an annual
b)  Organizing and running events to promote awareness of the importance of social justice and campus diversity (e.g., the Teach-in).
c)  Identifying faculty for the various university awards related to diversity.
d)  Fostering faculty involvement in student recruitment and retention efforts(e.g., working with pipeline, bridge, student support, and curricular programs).
e)  Serving as a liaison with the Division of Inclusion and Equity and Student Senate Diversity Affairs Committee.

Additional information can be found on the Equity and Inclusion website


The chair of the Equity and Inclusion Committee (EIC) for 2019-20 is John Bender.  The list of EIC committee members is updated annually.