Grand Valley State University Student Senate

Mission: Student Senate will cultivate a student body that is engaged, healthy, and empowered.

Student Senate meets with President Mantella

What is Student Senate?

As the official student government at Grand Valley State University, Student Senate works to ensure that the voice of the students is continually heard by the University.

Senate is comprised of 50 students who each serve on one of six different committees. These six committees work to enhance student life, academics, and the overall student experience at Grand Valley.

Not a Senator? Not a problem! Feel free to explore our site to see what other ways you can be involved with Student Senate!


Join us at General Assembly!

General Assembly meetings of the Student Senate occur on select Thursdays over Zoom for the Fall 2020 semester.

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Wrapping up Open Access Week with one final graphic. We hope you had an opportunity to learn right alongside of us!

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