Strategic Goals and Objectives


Ensure Fair and Equitable workloads

  • UAS will request an annual report from the Provost’s Office regarding the impact of the Faculty Workload and Rewards Policy.
  • UAS will report annually to faculty regarding the progress toward equitable workloads.
  • Because excellent teaching and active scholarship are the foundations of faculty and student life at Grand Valley, UAS will survey and report regarding the frequency, method, and use of re-assigned time.

Enhance Governance Effectiveness within the University

  • UAS will survey faculty periodically to identify and generate long-term governance ideas and initiatives.
  • At the last UAS meeting before changing membership Senators will help identify goals/activities for faculty governance during the upcoming academic year.
  • Improve communication between governance and faculty by inviting new faculty members to meet with ECS each Winter.
  • Improve and expand use of technology to support communication between and among faculty members and UAS.

Examine and Develop Governance Structures and Leadership

  • Annually select ECS members to meet with chairs of standing committees to identify needed modifications to existing governance structures and report to ECS.
  • Mentor UAS members for leadership succession. Executive Committee of the Senate University Academic Senate

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