Vision, Mission, and Values

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University Academic Senate provides leadership to ensure excellence in Grand Valley State University’s undergraduate and graduate programs. A proactive governance body, it seeks to sustain its position as an exemplary model to facilitate academic initiatives and to advocate for human, financial, and physical resources necessary for their success. To establish and to support educational excellence, faculty governance fosters communication among constituents and stakeholders at Grand Valley State University, as well as with external communities.


University Academic Senate is the primary advocate for the faculty, proactively establishing and applying standards of excellence for educational programs and policies.


In working to further Grand Valley State University’s mission, University Academic Governance draws upon the following shared beliefs:

  • Faculty members are central to all academic and curricular matters
  • Faculty members are integral to decision-making at the university
  • Academic Governance must be representative, accountable, and transparent
  • Open and lively communication is essential to university life
  • The continual pursuit of excellence by the faculty is the best means for advancing the university’s mission, vision, and values
  • Academic Governance works to ensure effective use and equitable distribution of university resources.

2008 AGO Vision Mission Values for ECS Retreat 5/28/08

Affirmed May 28, 2008

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