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Cotiviti Internship Experience

Major: Statistics While at Cotiviti, I worked on multiple projects with various software architectures, including AWS cloud and On-premise data center. I am responsible for designing and building continuous integration and deployment pipelines, performing configuration management, following security guidelines, and architect cloud environments. I worked closely with the development team to build and deploy the .Net, Java, Python, and SSIS projects across various development, staging, and production environments. I also got the chance to design and build an internal in-house application from scratch, which helped the team to automate routine tasks. The application had many services, including backend, frontend, message queue, caching, proxy and database. I am working with the Data Operations team to design and build infrastructure-as-code and data pipelines for the AWS environment.

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Data Analyst for Outpatient Dosing Concordance check

Major: Statistics Currently, I am working on antibiotic prescription data from outpatient clinics in the health systems of Michigan. My role is to conduct ETL to clean and transform the unstructured messy data into structured data and load them to the SQL Server database. Several SQL transformations are done on several attributes to standardize the values. I have also created several metrics on the data warehouse to measure antibiotic use and appropriateness. I am currently creating dashboards on Power BI based on the patient data to analyze if health providers are following practice guidelines when writing a prescription with respect to drug choice and dosing choice.

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A great company to work for

Major: Statistics I was able to work with department heads to contribute statistical analysis and interpretation to a manuscript that was published this year. I also worked on many contracted studies by analyzing and validating the data.

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Spectrum Health Healthier Communities

Major: Statistics During my time at Spectrum Health Healthier Communities I had the opportunity to work on several different types of projects. These projects included assisting with grant writing, analyzing the patients social determinants of health risks in a couple different programs, lots of data visualizations, and anything else that the team needed assistance with.

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